We are a purpose-built, specialist practice working solely on dental implant treatments.

We do nothing else.  Our reputation has been built on this single focus and we are proud of our contribution we’ve made internationally to the clinical and surgical aspects of implantology.

Our exclusive concentration on implantology brings two important benefits for our referring dentists.  Patients receive the highest levels of care, and there is no risk of them transferring their allegiance to The Implant Centre, because we do not carry out any other dental work.

We will never ‘poach’your patients.  We work on patient cases with you and guarantee that your patients will be returned to you for their restorative work and aftercare.  You refer the patients to The Implant Centre for their initial assessments and their surgery and when we have confirmed that each implant has osseointegrated, we will send them back to you with the appropriate impression components.